It was founded by three Promoters, Viz Mr. Vishnoo Gopal Kanetkar, IPS (Retd), Ex-D.G., Maharashtra, Mr. Sheshrao Krishna Kulkarni and Mr. Harprakash Singh Bawa on 15th February, 1977 under the Societies Act, 1860 in Maharashtra State bearing (Regn. No. BOM 90/1977-G.B.B.S.D.). The first Chairman on board was Mr. V.G Kanetkar, IPS (Retd), Ex-D.G.P. of Maharashtra in 2004 followed by Chairman Commodore (Retd.) Omprakash to chair the board. The first President was Mr. S H Bawa, followed by Commodore Omprakash, INS (Retd.) and the next President from 2004 – 2005 was Mr. S G Sahasrabojane, IPS (Retd.). Subsequently now from 2005 – 2006, onwards Mr. Gurcharan Singh Chauhan is the President in the chair.


The Association is a non – political and non sectarian body.
The Principal aims and objectives of the Association shall be :-

To promote the sciences of security and investigation.

To promote and impart knowledge and education in the sphere of security and investigation.

To encourage high standards of service and equipment required by the security industry and to encourage research and development of mechanical, electronic and other equipments in the security business.

To maintain the highest traditions of truth, sincerity and integrity and to give the clients efficient and honest service in the spheres of security and investigation.

To create and promote bonds of goodwill, friendship and cooperation among all those who practice the profession of security and investigation.

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In furtherance of its aims and objectives, the Association may undertake, amongst others, the following activities:-
Establishment of information exchange centers.
Organization of lectures, talks symposiums, conventions, seminars and classes for the discussion of issues related to security and investigation.
Establishment of libraries, study and research centers, specially devoted to promote the concept of good security and efficient investigation.
Publication of bulletins, book, pamphlets, and periodical literature.
Organization of exhibitions, social gatherings and cultural programmer’s on various phases of security and investigation.
Holding of receptions and press conferences V.V.I.P’s and dignatories.
Sending of delegations to conferences, seminars etc. held on security and investigation within and outside countries.

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An expert Committee was constituted by Shri Rajesh Pilot, Hon’ble Minister of State for Internal Security in March 1995. This Committee was constituted under the Chairmanship of Mr. Raja Vijay Karan, IPS (Retd). former Director, CBI and Commodore Omprakashji, President, Security Association of India, Capt. Menon Sahi, Mr. K P Singh, Chief Security, Tata Steel, Jamshedpur, Mr. B K Mohanty, IPS (Retd.,), Brigd S S Adhikari, Mr. R C Madan, Lt Col. J S Paul, Mr. Pawanjeet Ahluwalia and Mr. Anant Chari, IS (Retd.,) former Director, BSF.

There were special invitees from abroad Mr. R H Poole from U.K., Dr. Norman M, JD CPP, USA, Haji Rehmat Bin Ismail from Malaysia, Mr. Sombat Pim, from into implementation Patiala, Thailand, Mr. Jairaj from Singapore, Mr. Bill Tomfret from Canada, Mr. P Kalashree from Singapore.

This Committee was constituted to bring Private Security Agency (Regulation) & Licensing Bill 1994. The Draft Bill No. L-XXXVII/94 was submitted in Rajya Sabha. It was also submitted in Lok Sabha but was sent back for some amendments. The present Bill of Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act 2005 is mostly pertaining to same points.
It is mainly by the efforts done by SAI that the Central Government has passed the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act 2005. SAI is very active in Maharashtra and also in rest of the country.

It has also taken up the issue of Service Tax imposed @10% on Agency Charges. It has filed a case in Bombay High Court and the case was admitted and pending for final hearing.

The Security Association of India has been fighting the legal battle in Bombay High Court and Supreme Court for PSARA. Under Section 23 of Maharashtra Private Security Guard (Regulation of Employment & Welfare) Act 1981, 41 security agencies exemption / registration were cancelled by the Maharashtra Govt.’s Labour Department but the SAI field the cases and got the Order squashed.
On the request of Police Commissioner, Bombay, SAI members had provided 500 security guards free of cost for Ganpati Pandals during the festive occasion.

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To pressurize the State Government to implement PSARA 2005.

To pursue the case in the Bombay High Court regarding Service Tax to be imposed on the earning of security agency such as 10% Service Charges charged to the Agency but not on the gross amount which includes security personnel’s wages & other benefits; leave, bonus, uniform etc. and is being reimbursed by principal employer to Security Agency.

To take up matter with State Government to open training centers for training unemployed youth as security guards.

To educate members to provide healthy competition and help the law and order department.

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